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Basement Waterproofing - 🐊 Eliminate Annoying Puddles (waterproofing) - Dry Guys Testimonial

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Waterproofing Testimonial | Bill didn't want the chore of checking his basement every time it rained to make sure there were no puddles of water. Dry Guys gave him the peace of mind he was looking for!

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Interview with Bill:

Kim Gattuso:
"Can I get your name please?"

"My name is Bill."

Kim Gattuso:
"And Bill where are you from?"

"I'm from Alloway."

Kim Gattuso:
"Bill, why did you choose Dry Guys over other companies?"

"Well I wanted to go with a local outfit who was familiar with the area, and I've seen Dry Guys many places around the area. And I know they have a good reputation so I wanted to stick with a local business."

Kim Gattuso:
"And you got a full perimeter correct?"


Kim Gattuso:
"Tell me a little bit about your basement problem."

"Well we have a lot of clay around here so a lot of times when it rains it retains the water and then it makes its way through all the little cracks and crannies in the basement and I wanted to take care of the problem."

"I see puddles and a couple of times it's maybe an inch and a half...not major but when you have it throughout the whole basement..."

Kim Gattuso:
"Yeah could be a problem."

"I had a little pump for just a little puddle or two. I have a little wet vac and just sweep that up... but I want to eliminate this entirely. I shouldn't have to keep fooling with this. Shouldn't have to worry about it. Now normally when we have a normal rain, everything's ok but there's no guarantee... I don't know that. And it's a routine. My wife and I say "Well go down and check the basement, let's see how it looks." I shouldn't have to keep thinking about that. So I thought you know what, let's just be done with it and I don't have to worry about it anymore."

Kim Gattuso:
"What was your impression of Dan as your system designer?"

"He's very thorough. I was impressed."

Kim Gattuso:
"Did he show you the computer?"

"He showed me the diagram. They map out everything, and had everything planned with the way we're set up here."

Kim Gattuso:
"Did he answer all of your questions?"

"Yes he did."

Kim Gattuso:



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