Dry Guys Basement Systems Q&A

Are your estimates free?

Our estimates are free for homeowners. If you do not own the home, we will have to act as a home inspector and that does come with a charge.

I'm an existing customer, can you please send me my warranty?

The warranty is in the terms and conditions page of your agreement. If you don’t have a copy of the signed agreement we can send you one.

Is the annual maintenance free?

Our annual service starts at $175 plus tax and is not included with the system you purchased. We recommend having this done every year to ensure that your system is running properly. Like how a car needs oil, and our system needs to be checked.

What counties do you service?

We service the following New Jersey counties: Gloucester, Salem, Camden, Cumberland, Burlington, Cape May, Atlantic and Ocean County!

We also service Deleware and Chester County in Pennsylvania!

What time will the crew be there in the morning?

The crew arrives normally between 9 – 10 am depending on how far you away you are from the shop. They always call on the way to give you a more accurate time of arrival.

Why don't you give estimates over the phone?

Due to all the variables that come with foundation and water issues. Its difficult to even give a "ball-park" estimate over the phone. Every home is different and its hard to say which of our many patented systems would be the right fit for your home.

Why is there water on my CleanSpace?

CleanSpace is a vapor barrier and not a waterproof system without a drainage and pump system. There could be a number of sources of the water including; condensation, ground water or even a plumbing leak.

Why isn't my Sanidry running in the middle of the winter?

The temperatures are colder in the winter the moisture in the air shrinks. The Sanidry will not come on below 40 degrees Fahrenheit but will automatically come on once the temperatures rise.

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