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Waterproofing Testimonial | Brett hired two different companies to replace the carpet in his church when they began to have water issues. One company left a very bad impression and did a poor quality job. The other, Dry Guys Basement Systems, did such a great job that to this day church guests talk about the quality of the work done. Dry Guys works hard to redefine the contractor experience! We exceed your expectations and have your back when you experience water issues in your home. Call us TODAY at 1-833-250-7239 and we will help you with All Things Basementy!

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Interview with Brett:

"The water came out of the ladies' room out of the overflow down here. It flowed all the way out of the bathroom, all the way through the center, and out into the fellowship hall. During a funeral. I had a little dry vac- little five gallon dry vac- and I'm going like crazy trying to get it up. So... that was our water experience."

"...talking to the owner...He talked to me like I was a person, not a job."

"I saw that dumb alligator lying on its side and when we had a water problem, that was the first thing I remembered- that alligator."

"The first four people we talked to asked "Do you have standing water in the basement?" I said "No." "Have you ever had standing water in the basement?" "No." "Well you need a french drain."

"So when Dan came and I talked to him he said "Do you have standing water in the basement?" I said "No." "Have you ever had standing water in the basement?" I said "I know, I need a french drain." He said "What in the world ever for? You don't need that."

"...he explained to me why we didn't, why it didn't work, and showed us our options and we were just blown away by that."

"We had had another contractor in a couple days before and, during that process, did work for us and butchered the place. They were disrespectful toward the church, foul language, not cleaning up after themselves. And I watched people from Dry Guys drill a hole in the wall, stop, wipe the wall down, get a dustpan out, sweep up the dust from the floor, and then proceed to the next point in the operation. I was totally blown away."

"...they (the other company) were being so abusive and nasty and taking such a long time, that when the crew from Dry Guys came in and installed the floor I was like wow you guys gotta be kidding me- and I even videotaped because I had to show somebody how fast they were doing the job. The floor from Dry Guys was great. They knocked out both rooms in about 45-50 minutes each."

Kim Gattuso:

"Is it what you expected it to be?"


"Yes and no. I wasn't expecting it to be this nice looking honestly. I was expecting more of a... after seeing THAT... (Brett points to floor done by other company) I was expecting more of a dull, goofy type thing. And I asked "Is there anything I have to do with it?" "No not really." "Do I have to put anything on it to keep it shiny?" "No not really." "What about maintenance?" "No just walk on it, no problem."

"We're satisfied with it and everybody just comes in and says: "Oooh wow this is great! Look at it, it's nice! Feels a little soft. It's nice and warm in here." Things like that."

Kim Gattuso:

"It's definitely changed the temperature in the room?"


"Oh yeah. We had a rug in here before but the problem was when that water came in here...the padding soaked up all of that water and we had to rip all of this carpet out of here and all of the carpet out of the other room. And we're trying to be proactive so, if something went bad again- this would not soak up any water. There's space underneath. Even if you had to pop it up and dry it from underneath you can still do that so it's great."

"The SaniDry was put in quickly and efficiently. Other than hearing a little bit of a hum you would not even know it's there, and you almost have to go in the room to hear it."

"It seems to be a little more comfortable downstairs. We sometimes do cooking down there so those smells used to linger for a while. They don't anymore and I was kinda happy about that."

"I'm very pleased with our decision to go with Dry Guys. The overall experience was exceptional, and I'd recommend them to anyone."



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