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Sump Pumps - 🐊 Waterproofing System Upgrade + Fixed Wall Crack - Dry Guys Testimonial

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Foundation Repair + Waterproofing Testimonial | James had a water issue in his basement and installed a cheap pump as a quick fix to the problem. But when he continued to have issues, and his basement walls started to crack, he called the experts at Dry Guys.

Dry Guys Basement Systems is your local expert in All Things Basementy. We have been providing solutions for basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, cracks in your basement wall, and mold and humidity control for over 30 years in Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We also provide innovative insulation packages for both basements and crawl spaces.

We have the greatest patented solutions for below-grade spaces! Don't just put a band-aid on your flooding, leaky, moldy and cracked basement or crawl space. Fix it permanently!

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Interview with James:

"My name is James Parker and I live in Salem County. We had water problems from the day we moved in here but never significantly. There was always like a six foot diameter, very tiny amount of water any time we had heavy rain, would occur in our basement. I'd seen the truck many many times and I just call the number and I just from a gut feel I felt like it was the right thing to do and over the years the service and the advice given has always been as far as I can tell very good."

"The sump pump obviously, the hole was there and there was a cheap pump in there and cheap battery. That was all upgraded. I also had them run a channel from my hot water heater to the sump
pump. One of your guys noticed that there was a crack in one wall and when we examined it, it basically runs all the way across the wall. Dan came out, recommended the CarbonArmor and we had that installed on that one particular wall."

"When I had an issue or a question or concern many times they were able to answer that. I didn't have to wait for someone else to call me. If they couldn't answer it, if they were unable to answer it, or didn't have the time to answer it or whatever it didn't take long for somebody to get back and I didn't have to wait days it was typically hours and someone would come back to me with whatever answer I needed. The experience has always been very good. No issues with the product, and if I had I feel comfortable when i call that it's going to be taken care of."

"I can tell you my neighbors could swim in their basements and I've had nothing, I mean just dry as a bone and that's great. I'm happy as long as it's doing what it's supposed to do and it's working fine. Sometimes when the rain is really really heavy I'll go down there
just out of curiosity and you can see that everything is functioning the way it's supposed to function. So no, no I don't have any problems."


Notes in Video:
Install Date: April 2005
Interview Date: September 2015

Puddles in Basement
Cracked Foundation

UltraSump III

James's new pump has a battery backup to keep it running even in a power outage. Much more efficient than his previous pump, it will keep his basement dry all the time!

CarbonArmor stabilizes the foundation walls.

James also opted for a SaniDry air purifier. It increases the air quality of the home, eliminating musty basement smells.

We also installed WaterGuard, which keeps the whole basement dry.



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