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Dry Guys Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Millville. Learn more about Dry Guys Basement Systems's recent work requests in Millville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dry Guys Basement Systems' recent work requests in Millville, NJ
Vicinity of Cedarville Rd in Millville
My basement gets water on heavy rains and when it rains a lot! I'd like to not worry about rain! I have a sump pump but the water does seem to even go near it hardly !
Vicinity of Barbara Ter in Millville
Basement flooded 6 inches of water. Sump pump cant handle it
Vicinity of Homestead Drive in Millville
Wet basement due to the age of the house [1957] where no exterior tar was applied to keep water out and there are issues with the storm drains that are forcing me to sue the city.
Vicinity of Porreca Dr in Millville
On vacation in Maine until July 30. Recent Millville rain storms caused basement water damage. Need to arrange someone to come to house and assess damage and offer an estimate to prevent water entering the basement again and remove water from basement. We will not be back in Millville until late Sunday, July 30th. Can someone come on Monday, July 31st to discuss?
Vicinity of Ramah Rd in Millville
Foundation problem,water in basement and rooms, down stairs ,mold,cracks.
Vicinity of Cedar St. in Millville
You helped us with waterproofing issues by installing a sump pump system and also placed some jacks in our crawlspace to resolve another issue. We now have an issue that I am not sure if it is something you deal with or not. Our bedroom is on what we believe used to be a cement porch. There is no access to the space under our bedroom but we have developed a hole about 1 " by 2 inch in the cement near the corner of our bedroom. There is a piece of wood showing through. We do not know what is going on but fearful that we may have a foundation problem going on. We had a pest control person come and check the basement/crawlspace for any signs of termites and he saw none, but unable to get into that one section to check there. Is this beyond your scope of repair work, we didn't know if we need to contact a masonry company or contractor or whom?
Vicinity of Pleasant Drive in Millville
Need quote on installation of sump pump.
Vicinity of in Millville
Need structural repairs in bsmt
Vicinity of Ramah Road in Millville
Vicinity of Shamrock Lane in Millville
Have water in basement. Would like quote on sump pump.
Vicinity of Tomasello Dr in Millville
Leaky basement windows. Looking to waterproof basement
Vicinity of Surrey Avenue in Millville
Basement wall crack from window well to bottom with water seepage. Also, water comes in along my water main. I have had some mold on the rafters.
Vicinity of Cedar Street in Millville
We have a support beam under our bathroom that due to previous water leakage needs replacement/repair and there is some mold in the area. This is in a crawl space area. A separate issue exists in a small basement section where we have a sump pump (heater and hot water heater area) that has become used more frequently due to higher water table in area.
Vicinity of Alex Drive in Millville
Seal basement walls and floor.
Vicinity of Caroline Ln in Millville
Looking for a smart and economical solution for a partially finished basement.
Vicinity of Morias Ave in Millville
2,600 sq. ft. Some cracking on the floor from the hurricane waters needs repairing. I am open to other solutions that work within the SBA loan award money.
Vicinity of Pennsylvania Avenue in Millville
This is the second time in 25 years we had water in the basement. About 6 hours after the rain stopped from Irene, water started coming in, we vacuumed for 14 hours. We are interested in finding solutions.
Vicinity of Boston St in Millville
Crawl space is wet and insulation is falling down due to moisture Rancher 52' by 24' Call in evenings after 6pm
Vicinity of Howard St in Millville
Basement remodel

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