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Dry Guys Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Cape May. Learn more about Dry Guys Basement Systems's recent work requests in Cape May and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dry Guys Basement Systems' recent work requests in Cape May, NJ
Vicinity of Roseann Ave in Cape May
Bought house, inspection told us crawl space was damp. In the process of replacing wood floors soaked with cat urine but the smell is awful.
Vicinity of Lafayette St in Cape May
100 year old RC Church in Cape May. Our Lady Star of the Sea. Increasingly concerned about water coming in through the old stone foundation in 2 areas.
Vicinity of Washington St in Cape May
Basement wall has a crack running along half the wall on heavy rain leak through
Vicinity of in Cape May
No observable moisture in crawl space which does have vapor barrier but appears lack of air flow under house had retained air moisturr leading to recently installed hatdwood floor to cup. Do you install under house vented fans to help circulate air and dehumidifiers to help minimize moisture? Thanks much
Vicinity of Maple Avenuu in Cape May
We have just a little water in crawl space that needs to be removed
Vicinity of D Virginia Ave in Cape May
Looking for an estimate on installation of dehumidifier in crawl space
Vicinity of Beechwood Avenue in Cape May
I have a musty smell that I can't find the source of and think it might be a problem in the crawl space below the house.
Vicinity of Shore Drive in Cape May
We have a settling problem in our crawl space and need to make seal it.
Vicinity of Oxford Rd. in Cape May
Black mold appearing on floor joists under house.
Vicinity of Thistle Lane in Cape May
I recently had hardwood floors installed. I had some concerns about the floors and when they came back to discuss my concerns they said that there was some "cupping" that had occurred. The gentleman stated it was due to moisture under the home and a moisture barrier needed to be place to prevent further cupping and have floors return to the original installation.
Vicinity of in Cape May
Please contact me by email only. We are having problems with supports and foundation would like to set up an appraisal and estimate of work to be done.
Vicinity of Virginia Ave in Cape May
Moisture and fungus problem in crawl space.
Vicinity of Virginia Ave. in Cape May
Sump pump in crawl space is not working and I would like to know more about foam insulation.
Vicinity of Glade Avenue in Cape May
Have crawl space that needs vapor barrier and insulation.
Vicinity of Osprey Dr in Cape May
Requesting a crawl space encapsulation estimate. Crawl space is dirt / sand, never any issues with moisture, just want to get a quote and decide if there will be sufficient savings on heating / cooling, etc.
Vicinity of Myrtle Ave in Cape May
Too much moisture is basement and crawl space concerned about odors and mold
Vicinity of Kearney Ave in Cape May
Crawlspace has water issues ... we are lifting the house in the fall / winter and would like to take care of our water issues during this construction process.
Vicinity of Madison Ave in Cape May
Standing water on vapor barrier in crawl space.
Vicinity of Virginia Avenue in Cape May
In the fall my husband and I retained an engineer to evaluate the foundation of our home at 1020 Virginia Ave in Cape May. We do have a copy of the engineering report. We are now requesting bids to do the job. There is a crawl space access in the back, feel free to look under the house. Please let us know if this is a job you would be interested in undertaking.
Vicinity of Union St. in Cape May
Smell from craw space is getting into the house on the first floor.
Vicinity of Main Street in Cape May
Water in basement in 4 year old home. Can we schedule a estimate for Monday April 29th. Thank you.
Vicinity of Glen Creek Dr (Town Bank) in Cape May
Looking to have cracks in cellar floor and walls repaired to prevent flooding.
Vicinity of Corgie Street in Cape May
Purchased home yesterday during storm. House is on piers. Want to replace old shims and possibly level house or raise house on to concrete foundation. Please call. I will be down there this Thursday
Vicinity of Beach Avenue in Cape May
This is for a small 8 unit condominium complex. The commun storage area has moisture and mold issues. It is important to have an evaluation and estimate very soon. I manage the property and represent the Condo Association for this project.
Vicinity of Fishing Creek Rd in Cape May
I am a Builder in Cape May and I am interested in your crawlspace system. Please call Thanks
Vicinity of Hughes St in Cape May
House built in 1868. Fairly low crawl space under 2-3 sections of the home that were added at various times in the past. Crawl space is pretty much un-vented, with a few windows for access to crawl space.
Vicinity of Maryland Ave. in Cape May
I believe you guys did work at Susan Magee's residence.we renovated her house and I think you guys may have installed sump pumps or did some service work...she called this morning wanting to set up for the sanitation filter to be changed....could you please put us on the schedule and let me know when you'll be able to come out and take care of, call my cell or email me to be let in the house...thank you very much!
Vicinity of Reading Ave in Cape May
Water seems to be coming up from the bottom. Old house. Looking for a solution.
Vicinity of Maryland Ave in Cape May
I've got a beach house in Cape May, constructed c. 1915-1920. Basement is generally pretty dry, but there is a persistent musty smell in the house, which may be attributable to dampness from basement. I'll be at the house the week of August 22 through Sept. 2. Wondered if you all could take a look and tell me whether you can do anything to help.

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