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Dry Guys Basement Systems serving Cape May County, NJ

Seeing the meticulous way Bryan confirmed that our pumps were in tip-top shape makes me feel very secure about...
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Reviews From Cape May County
Testimonials From Cape May County
Thank you again for the great job!
Testimonial by Paige C. from West Cape May, NJ
Paul was very helpful and speaks very well.
Testimonial by Madeline P. from Ruckahoe, NJ

Responsible basement waterproofing, foundation repair, mold remediation, crawl space repair company serving Cape May, New Jersey 

We not only adhere to the highest industry standards, we strive to be the industry leader in the home improvement related services we provide. We also use state-of-the-art products and technology which are designed to fix your home. We are the authorized Basement Systems dealer in Cape May, NJ.

Services we offer in Cape May:

  • Wet/flooded basement waterproofing solutions.
  • Lifetime warranty on all perimeter waterproofing systems.
  • Foundation and structural repair solutions.
  • 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects on foundation products.
  • Crawl space sealing with CleanSpace vapor barrier.
  • 25-year warranty on crawl space encapsulation systems.
  • Financing Available
  • FREE written estimates and inspections, and fast installation
Job Stories From Cape May County, NJ
Crawl Space Waterproofed in Strathmere, NJ

After his neighbors regarded their yard, Brian T. started getting water in his crawl space. Not wanting a damp, moldy crawl space, he contacted Dry Guys for help. System Designer Dave Davis met up with him right away to find a solution.

Dave determined that Brian needed a SuperSump sump pump system to keep water from sitting stagnant on the ground. Brian also had an Everlast Crawl Space Door installed to create an airtight, waterproof seal between his crawl space and the humid air outside.
Thanks to the Dry Guys Team, Brian no longer has issues in his crawl space, and he doesn't have to worry about mold growing in it and compromising his and his family's health. He also won't have to worry about the moisture causing the wood under his house to rot, creating a dangerous situation.
Crawl Space Encapsulated, Ocean View, NJ

Bill M. was concerned about the water, black mold, and humidity in his crawl space. He was referred to the Dry Guys Team by a colleague and called in for his estimate.

Ian Gattuso, a waterproofing specialist, went to go see what the issue was. He had the Dry Guys Team come in and install our CleanSpace encapsulation system in Bill's crawl space to keep water out, also eliminating the humidity that was enabling the black mold to grow. In addition to this, Bill had our SilverGlo crawl space insulation panels installed to reflect heat back into the crawl space, keeping not only the crawl space warm, but the floors above it, negating the need for slippers in the winter!

Thanks to the professionals at Dry Guys, Bill no longer has to worry about mold compromising his health and heat escaping his home, and his crawl space is now a dry, usable space.

Smart Vent Install in Avalon, NJ

Since Avalon is an area near the shore, it's prone to flooding. Becky and Carl L. wanted to make sure that they wouldn't have any issues in their crawl space, so they started looking for someone that could help. Because of our good reputation and professionalism, they chose to call Dry Guys.

System Designer Tom Magee met with them to decide what they should do about their vulnerable crawl space. He advised the couple to install Smart Vents. Smart Vents are perfect for areas that tend to flood because they open to let the water out of your crawl space/basement to equalize the pressure, minimizing the damage to your foundation.

Ever since their SmartVent install, Becky and Carl can be at peace whenever bad weather tries to threaten their foundation. Dry Guys provides true solutions to any basement, crawl space, and foundation problem you may come across.

Sump Pump Upgrade in Honey Brook, PA

Jim R. had a sump pump installed in his crawl space a long time ago by another company. When he discovered that it was clogged and not functioning properly, he needed someone to make things right again. Instead of returning to the other company, Jim put his faith in the professionals at Dry Guys instead.

Our waterproofing specialist, Scott Jones, had the inefficient sump pump removed and replaced with our much more durable SuperSump sump pump. After removing a lot of the debris from the crawl space, he also installed our CleanSpace Drainage Matting to create a viable space for storage and easy crawl space access. Jim now has a dry, clean crawl space that he no longer has to fret about whenever it rains. Other companies may provide a cheap, quick “fix”, but for results that last, trust the Dry Guys Team!

Crawl Space Protected From Flooding in Marcus Hook, PA

Eric Q's vacation home was built in a zone that gets a lot of water. Afraid that flooding would ruin his foundation, he asked for the help of Dry Guys.

He was met by System Designer Ian Gattuso, who knew that the answer to Eric's problems was the installation of Smart Vents. Eric had dual function Smart Vents put into his crawl space, which provides flood protection along with natural air ventilation.

With the help of the Dry Guys Team, Eric can now enjoy his vacation home without the added worry of floods destroying his foundation.

Dangerous Mold Removed from Crawl Space in Atglen, PA

Thomas and Charlotte B. noticed a foul odor coming from the crawl space of their vacation home. Upon discovering mold, they worried about it spreading, as well as the serious health risks that came with it. Their search for help led them to Dry Guys.

Our System Designer Ian Gattuso promptly met with them to assess the situation. Under his direction, the mold was removed and our CleanSpace liner was installed, along with an EverLast Door, and SmartVents. These products work very well together to ensure that the crawl space stays dry, mold-free, and is easily accessible. Mold can't grow on the CleanSpace, and this liner also repels moisture. The SmartVents open in the event of a flood to let water flow both ways, equalizing the water pressure, and saving the foundation from becoming damaged. With their new EverLast door, Thomas and Charlotte now have a convenient entrance to their crawl space, while keeping the critters out. These homeowners also opted to install SilverGlo, which further insulates the crawl space, which keeps the rest of the house warm as well, allowing them to save on their energy bills. Thanks to Dry Guys, they no longer have to worry about a wet, moldy, dangerous crawl space.

Hurricane Sandy Damages Foundation in Stone Harbor, NJ

After Hurricane Sandy threatened the foundation of Jerry and Marjorie M.'s home, they wanted to repair the damage before it got out of control. Part of the mortar had washed away from the brick wall of the crawl space, weakening it and increasing the potential for dangerous cracks to form. When they called Dry Guys for help, we sent System Designer Dave Davis to find a solution.

Dave told the couple about our SmartVent flood vents. In the event of a flood, water pressure on the outside of the foundation pushing in is what causes cracks and bowing. For this reason, SmartVents are perfect for areas prone to flooding. They open during a flood to let water flow both ways in and out of the crawl space, equalizing the pressure and taking all of that strain off the foundation. Jerry and Marjorie had six of these installed, their mortar fixed, and an EverLast crawl space door put in for easy access to their crawl space. Thanks to the Dry Guys Team, Jerry and Marjorie's foundation will be better protected from large storms and flooding in the future.

Hurricane Sandy Damages Foundation in Stone Harbor, NJ - Photo 1
Old, Damaged Liner Replaced by CleanSpace in Avondale, PA

JoAnn M. had a vapor barrier in her crawl space to try and keep humidity out but soon discovered that there was a leak in it after some workers in her crawl space accidentally damaged it. To make things worse, a pipe broke in her home and wet some of the joists. Needing to get that moisture out of there, and battling the mold that had begun to grow, JoAnn called Dry Guys for assistance.

Our System Designer Dave Davis took a look at the crawl space and suggested our CleanSpace liner to replace the old, damaged liner. That was installed after the existing mold was removed, as well as an EverLast crawl space door and our SilverGlo crawl space insulation. The SilverGlo will keep the crawl space warm, and make JoAnn save on her energy bills in the long run. Lastly, she had a SaniDry dehumidifier put in to complement the CleanSpace, making double sure that no moisture would remain in her crawl space. JoAnn now has peace of mind knowing that her mold and moisture issues have been solved. Thank you, Dry Guys!

Moldy, Flooded Crawl Space Cleaned and Encapsulated in Villas, NJ

After a major snowstorm, Frank and Claudette C. got seven inches of water in their crawl space. The following year, they were hit by Hurricane Sandy. The constant wetness caused mold to grow, putting a strain on the couple's health. They knew they had to call the AMRT Certified Remediation Experts at Dry Guys to tackle the problem.

System Designer Joe Klaus met with the couple to help them find solutions. After the mold was properly removed, their crawl space was encapsulated by our patented CleanSpace system, and an UltraSump back-up system was installed in the SuperSump to control the drainage. Additionally, a SaniDry was added to keep the air in the crawl space clean, dry and inhospitable to mold. Because they live in a flood zone, they also opted for SmartVents which open both ways in a flood to equalize the water pressure on the foundation walls.

Now mold-free, protected from future flooding damage, and with lower flood insurance premiums, Frank and Claudette are thankful to Dry Guys for giving them much needed peace of mind.

Another Crawl Space Saved in Dorchester, NJ

Margaret C. found mold growing in her crawl space after Hurricane Sandy flooded her home in Dorchester, NJ. Her brother Frank referred her to Dry guys after we saved his crawl space from the same problem. Knowing that we have AMR Certified Mold Remediation Professionals on staff, she gave us a call.

Our System Designer John Mealey came out to take a look. He helped Margaret understand why she needed her crawl space encapsulated, and she chose our CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation system to act as a vapor barrier for her crawl space. She also saw the value in the SaniDry Air System which even changed the quality of the air upstairs while discouraging any future mold growth. The mold was removed, and an EverLast Crawl Space Door was put in for easy access as well as SmartVents to equalize water pressure on the foundation in the event of a flood.

Now that Margaret no longer has to worry about her basement, she enjoys the extra storage space that her clean, dry and healthy crawl space provides. Thanks, Dry Guys!

Crawl Space Cleaned and Encapsulated in Cape May Point, NJ

Brian and Brenda J. had a wet, musty crawl space. Knowing that 50% of the air you breathe comes from that part of your home, they looked for someone that could help them improve their situation. Dry Guys immediately stood out as being the most responsible, qualified team to help them.

System Designer Ian Gattuso met with them for a full evaluation. He determined that Brian and Brenda's crawl space was a fairly simple fix with the installation of a CleanSpace Encapsulation System and a SaniDry Air System. This keeps the moisture out and increases the air quality in the crawl space. The couple also opted for an EverLast Crawl Space Door for easier access to that part of their home.

Thanks to the trustworthy professionals at Dry Guys, Brian and Brenda have added bright, clean storage space to their home, and can rest easy knowing that the air they breathe is clean.

Crawl Space Waterproofed in Cape May Point, NJ

Rich and Kathleen P. noticed that their crawl space was wet, dirty, and overall just frightening to go in. They knew that ignoring these conditions would eventually cause wood rot in their foundation. Wanting expert help, they consulted Dry Guys.

They were soon met by Ian Gattuso, one of our System Designers. Ian told the couple about our CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System- a liner that keeps moisture out of the crawl space. He complemented this with our TripleSafe Sump Pump that directs water out so that it doesn't sit stagnantly. For easy access to the crawl space, they also installed an EverLast Crawl Space Door.

Thanks to Dry guys, Rich and Kathleen no longer have to worry about the wood in their foundation rotting away, and now have a clean, extra storage space in their home.

Old Sump Pump Not Enough for Flooded Crawl Space, Seaville, NJ

Dolores and William H. had a sump pump in their crawl space, which is why they couldn't figure out why they still had standing water issues during every storm. Their crawl space looked no better than before- muddy, flooded, and full of debris. They knew they needed a real solution, and that's why they called Dry Guys for help.

System Designer Troy Kenuk helped them understand that their current sump pump was inefficient. The couple decided to remove the old pump and replace it with the more powerful TripleSafe Sump Pump System. They lined their crawl space with our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier to keep moisture out and added a SaniDry Dehumidifier to purify the air once they learned that it has a huge effect on the air they breathe inside the house. Vent covers were also installed to insulate the crawl space, keep critters from entering, and to help the SaniDry function at maximum capacity. They were so excited about their new, clean-looking crawl space that they even decided to top it off with a Turtl Crawl Space Entryway for easy access! Lastly, Dolores and William discovered that their sagging floors were also a product of crawl space issues, and had SmartJacks installed to straighten out their floor joists to avoid serious and potentially dangerous foundation issues.

A simple sump pump, especially one like this couple's original pump, is not enough to keep a crawl space – and by extension your home- healthy. Thanks to the Dry Guys Team and their patented systems, Dolores and William have one less thing to worry about- and a new, dry storage space to top it off!

Old Sump Pump Not Enough for Flooded Crawl Space, Seaville, NJ - Photo 1
Dampness in Crawl Space + Basement Combo

Larry had moisture in both the crawl space and the basement of his home. While he thought about what to do with this problem, he came across Dry Guys at the Cape May County Fair. Intrigued by our solutions, he gave us his info so we could have a look at the issue.

Our System Designer was at his home soon after. Larry did not have a sump pump and was not at the time interested in installing one, so what we did to help control the moisture was encapsulate the crawl space with our CleanSpace liner, and we put our patented CleanSpace wall on his basement walls. This will stop any musty smells and protects the inside of the crawl space and the basement from moisture in the air that could cause wood rot and mold.

Now Larry's property looks nicer and has a good layer of protection from water damage in his basement!

Work Requests From Cape May County, NJ
Vicinity of Beechwood Avenue in Cape May
I have a musty smell that I can't find the source of and think it might be a problem in the crawl space below the house.
Vicinity of Oxford Rd. in Cape May
Black mold appearing on floor joists under house.
Vicinity of Wisconsin Avenue in Cape May
Preparing to bid on house with crawl space, in flood zone. Want to seal dirt floor, but have to have flood vents. Thoughts?
Vicinity of Virginia Ave in Cape May
Moisture and fungus problem in crawl space.
Vicinity of Myrtle Ave in Cape May
Too much moisture is basement and crawl space concerned about odors and mold
Vicinity of Union St. in Cape May
Smell from craw space is getting into the house on the first floor.
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