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Foundation Repair - 🐊 Earth Anchors - Full Installation + Explanation - Completed Job

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Completed Job by Dry Guys Basement Systems | A fully documented installation of GeoLock Earth Anchors. Every step of the process is explained by the experienced Dry Guys team.


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Dan Gattuso:

“Somebody used this as a home remedy. They put a French drain in but didn't realize they had a monolithic pour so they broke 1/3 of the footing away. So to close that gap they decided to put these pipes in kind of like this pipe for the support in the center column, the main girder, you can see they've blocked it at the top and you can actually see the bow in the pipe because the pipe is not structural sideways.”

“Pipe is structural vertically so if you're compressing it, it has a lot of bearing, but from the side it's just going to bend. Now you can see here this is the level- the bubble is right on the money and you can see that this upper part is still level even though the wall has pushed it away and this slid but you can see there's a three quarter inch gap at the bottom so that pipe has got a lot of weight on it. The problem is if you can see up top in here all they did was put one piece of a 2x10 and they put 4 nails on this side and 4 nails on that side."

“What they're trying to do is transfer the load so one of the reasons it kind of stayed level was that as it started to get some pressure on it this bowed about 10% and then the load was transferred up to here which pushed the wall that way. Over here was an old stairwell and you can see this has a slight bow to it as that wood's transferring the load across where the old stairwell used to be. They should have blocked that all the way through to the main girder which would have helped.”

“Now I'm just a few feet down from where that last pipe. There used to be a pipe but they took it out. There is some blocking up here in the ceiling. There's still some blocking that remains but apparently this pipe has failed. You can notice here we have six cracked mortar joints. So this wall is coming out uniformly and every joint is failing. Our GeoLock Anchor will be set in this area here. We'll cover at least three to four of these blocks and over time we'll be able to push that back in. The homeowner has opted not to have us excavate and pop the wall back but to do it over time because it's a more affordable and that's fine. At least they know they have the safety and protection of the GeoLock system.”

“You can see over here where the mortar covering was actually blown off from the movement and you can see the wide gap in the mortar joint's even more revealing here because of that coating that was put over there.”

Elliot Gattuso:

We're going 36 inches down from our top block that's right here on this crack. When we're done, our plate sitting flush will be right here. This is our pull rod. When we push our rods all the way in, we make sure that we're in our hole that we augured out and then we install our plates. We put the nuts on the plate and we pull the rod back until the nut seats into the plate and it's tight up against the earth. You can see this is just a weird shaped piece of metal we use and I'll put this rod driver on it. It flips right up on here. I can just pull it back to where it needs to be. This is a hammer gun."

“Scott's using pressure to insert that sleeve in. It will help create a better seal and push some of that wax to the outside of the hole to make sure she's sealed inside and out. He waxed it before he started, the tube itself, when he got halfway in, and now that he's done he'll wax it again. It prevents from penetrating through the break in the cinder block that we made.”

Every GeoLock is installed a couple of degrees down but it's always downhill because water doesn't run uphill. We know it's a problem, we've done this long enough that we know what to do. You won't have water leaking where we install our anchors.”

“This impact gun will pull this plate towards that plate because as pressure grows, that pressure goes out in a 45 or 50 degree angle, it's not just the dirt's weight right in front the plate. It spreads out and relies on itself. As I tighten this bolt that plate's not going anywhere. This plate's the one that moves and this plate will pull the wall back.”

“This is an impact gun. It's set to 80 pounds. It slows down as it's turning, that means it's getting closer to 80 pounds and it's getting real tight. As this slows down you'll see it turn real fast and when it starts doing that I'll let go and I'll grab my torque wrench which is set to 40 punds, then I'll do 50, then 60, unless I see something happening, some trouble with the wall that it can't take all this movement at once."

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