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Encapsulation Testimonial | Gloria had her crawl space encapsulated by Dry Guys with our CleanSpace vapor barrier after she discovered mold. She also had us install a SaniDry air purifier and between the two systems, she now has a healthier home!

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Dry Guys Basement Systems is your local expert in All Things Basementy. We have been providing solutions for basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, cracks in your basement wall, and mold and humidity control for over 30 years in Southern New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We also provide innovative insulation packages for both basements and crawl spaces.

We have the greatest patented solutions for below-grade spaces! Don't just put a band-aid on your flooding, leaky, moldy and cracked basement or crawl space. Fix it permanently!


Interview with Gloria:

"Tell us about your experience with the Dry Guys team."

“Well they were all really very nice. John came in and he spent an hour explaining what they were going to do, what the problem was, and he actually showed me where the mold was in the crawl space and everything, and then when the actual guys came to do the job they covered all the carpeting and the floor and they were very nice, very proficient and professional, and I was very pleased with the job they did.”

"Also tell us about your experience with
the office staff."

“Well they were helpful getting the appointment set up and that
kind of thing.”

"Did you have any other estimates?"

“Yes I did. And you guys were actually a little bit higher but I went with you because of your good reputation and some of the reviews that I had read. Laury Heating from vineland was here to do some work for me and I asked them if they could recommend someone and they were the ones that recommended you because I had never heard about you and the Laury man told me that he had been in lots of basements and crawl spaces that you guys had done work in and that he was always impressed with the work that you did so that's why I called you.”

"Have you noticed a change in your air quality from the SaniDry?"

“I know the house is cleaner which is strange to me- it's not as dusty. I don't have to dust as often. I don't know if that has anything to do with it but I have noticed that. I'm glad I did it, I wish I had done it sooner because you know it made the house a lot healthier. I didn't know I had mold down there. Well now that the work has been finished it looks so much nicer and there's no spiders or bugs or critters sort of in there anymore and it was underwater before, very muddy, just terrible so I'm very pleased with the difference. It's much, much nicer and better now.

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