Jaynelle S. from Dry Guys Basement Systems

Title: Digital Media Designer

Hometown: Bridgeton, NJ

Jaynelle S. from Dry Guys Basement Systems

Jaynelle has been working with the Dry Guys Team as the media coordinator, audio/video editor, and digital media designer since 2014. She is mostly in charge of editing Dry Guys' videos, updating the website, and assisting in designs and research for marketing campaigns.

Jaynelle's favorite part of her job is that she gets to do a wide variety of things, and that she gets to approach her job with passion and creativity. She's learned a lot since she's started working with Dry Guys, and her drive to always do her best pushes her to new levels every day.

Videos from projects I was involved with:

🐊 Foundation Repair for Cracked Walls...
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Case Studies I've worked on:

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mount Royal, NJ
    Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mount Royal, NJ

    Did you know that 50% of the air you breathe comes from your crawl space? This crawl space in Mount Royal, NJ, was allowing old, musty air to flow freely through the house. On top of that, it was dirty, full of debris, and just an unuseable space. The Dry Guys Team installed our patented CleanSpace vapor barrier to keep moisture from getting through and prevent a humid environment in the crawl space. This will also help prevent mold from growing in the wood joists later on, saving the house from acquiring dangerous foundation issues. As you can see in the after picture, it looks much nicer with the CleanSpace liner and can now even be used for storage!

  • Sump Pump Upgrade!
    Sump Pump Upgrade!

    This homeowner had an old system, a pump that just wasn't cutting it and was not going to keep the water out of her basement. This was of special interest because she had plans to finish her basement. In the before picture you can see the outdated pump. These pumps tend to get clogged and aren't powerful enough to handle large volumes of water. In the after picture you can see her updated waterproofing system by Dry Guys, complete with a powerful Zoeller pump and a WaterGuard perimeter system because, what's the point of a pump if the water can't get to it?

  • Sealed Wall Cracks, Winslow NJ
    Sealed Wall Cracks, Winslow NJ

    This homeowner was having issues with water leaking into his basement from a pipe but also from several wall cracks. In the before picture you can see the leak in the pipe. The after picture shows our solution- several FlexiSpans to fill in the cracks and stop the leaks. FlexiSpans don't crack if the wall moves over time so that seal isn't going to break, which is what would happen with other solutions. The FlexiSpan also directs the water into a well underneath, which then directs it away from the foundation or into any perimeter system if you have one installed.

  • TripleSafe in Elwood, NJ
    TripleSafe in Elwood, NJ

    This basement had an old, dirty sump pump that wasn't doing a good job at keeping water out. This pump was not strong enough to handle the large amounts of water from violent rainstorms. Additionally, the French Drain underneath the basement floor was clogged with mud. As a result, parts of the basement would have puddled water and sometimes it even flooded. When the homeowner called Dry Guys, we removed the old sump pump and replaced it with our patented TripleSafe. The after picture shows the TripleSafe near the end stages of its installation. This pump is much more powerful, and has a back-up pump in case the power goes out during severe weather. In the back of the photo you can see where we were also in the process of installing a WaterGuard perimeter system. Unlike the French Drain, our WaterGuard is serviceable and won't clog. It will catch water coming in from all around the basement and take it to the pump, which will in turn take the water back outside where you don't have to worry about it.

  • Sagging Floors Repaired In Ocean City New Jersey
    Sagging Floors Repaired In Ocean City New Jersey

    After a home inspector came to this property in Ocean City, New Jersey, he found that the property had sunk and that the wooden joists holding up the first floor were sagging. When the homeowner called Dry Guys, we found that the best solution to this problem was our patented SmartJack Crawl Space Support system. Our posts provide solid support for sagging and undersized beams, restoring stability and proper alignment to sagging floor joists in a crawl space. They are designed to be tightened over time to provide additional straightening.

  • WaterGuard Installation, Cologne NJ
    WaterGuard Installation, Cologne NJ

    Water was entering this Cologne, NJ basement in the space where the wall met the floor. In the before picture, you can see the water puddling and the resulting mold that grew in the most affected areas. The house also had a musty odor, which is common in these situations. After the installation of our WaterGuard Perimeter System, the basement is dry and the mold gone. You can see how much cleaner it looks. WaterGuard catches the water as it enters the basement and directs it into your sump pump. In this case, the water is being taken to our TripleSafe, a powerful pump that can handle heavy flooding.

  • Don't Paint Your Basement- Leeds Point, NJ
    Don't Paint Your Basement- Leeds Point, NJ

    Do you have a musty smelling basement with ugly walls? Then you may be able to relate to this before picture. This cinder block wall is beginning to show signs of prolonged exposure to water. The homeowner simply wanted nicer looking walls and lower humidity levels in his basement. Paint can cover the walls but won't do anything about the water, and it will chip in time. Plus, paint provides food for mold to eat. In contrast, our CleanSpace vapor barrier is the perfect solution. You can see the huge difference in the appearance of the wall in our after photo. The basement is brighter, looks cleaner, and because the CleanSpace is 100% waterproof, it won't let all of that moisture from before seep through. CleanSpace does not grow mold, will not peel, and is good for unfinished basements. Should you choose to finish your basement in the future, CleanSpace will provide a good layer of protection against water so that all of your hard work doesn't get ruined.

  • SuperSump

    An old, inferior pump was replaced by our SuperSump for an effective and more economical solution. The SuperSump includes a powerful Zoeller ⅓ horsepower cast-iron sump pump, capable of pumping 2,500 gallons of water per hour out of your basement. The SuperSump can be installed with an optional UltraSump Battery Backup, which can pump out 11,500 gallons or more on a single charge!

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