Dry Guys Basement Systems Case Studies: Waterproofing and Structural Repairs in Cherry Hill New Jersey

Monday, September 19th, 2016 by Jesse Cecola


This crawl space built in the 1950s suffers from structural and mold problems after a major storm caused it to flood 8 inches in 2013. Built on clay soil, the home had multiple tree roots surrounding the foundation which caused the foundation wall to crack and buckle in towards the center of the basement. These structural problems were concerning the homeowner to the extent he thought the best possible solution was to simply tear down the entire house and rebuild it. The homeowner contacted Dry Guys and found out fixing WAS possible. The Dry Guys Team installed multiple waterproofing products to keep this crawl space dry, plus make it structurally sound. 


To re-stabilize the foundation, Dry Guys installed 6 Geo-Lock Foundation Wall Anchors and 6 Smart Jack support posts. Geo-Lock Wall Anchors permanently stabilized the foundation wall by anchoring the walls to the hard-packed virgin soil beyond the foundation. Virgin soil is soil that has not been excavated in order to build the home and is hard-packed from settling for hundreds of years. The Smart Jack system provides a solid support for sagging and undersized beams, restoring stability and straightness to the failing floor joists and can support loads of more than 60,000lbs.

In order to address the humidity and flooding issue, the crawl space floor was evened out with 7 tons of stone and covered with Dry Guys patented product, TerraBlock crawl space insulation. This insulation is formatted in a ¾-in.-thick sheet material, covered on both sides with a durable moisture barrier.  The TerraBlock was then covered with the CleanSpace vapor barrier. This is a durable, bright white crawl space liner placed on the floors, glued halfway up the foundation wall, preventing water vapor and humidity from passing through the open dirt floor into the crawl space area.  Lastly, the Smart Sump sump pump, another patented product, has a very unique lid which accepts the CleanSpace liner for a snug seal, flush with the floor. Also, any water from a plumbing leak must first pass by the alarm (The alarm will sound alerting a leak in the crawl space), and excess water will then drain down into the sump pump and get discharged out into the yard. The combination of all these products will ensure the structure is stable and fully waterproofed, thanks to the Dry Guys Team!

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